GROOT, AIK, FEMKA in the news of March!

Hello everybody!

We offer a short news digest in our Quazom company for March 2020.

In the mobile development departmentalmost all the efforts have been put into completing the current version of the GROOT (Cargo Taxi) project. In March, implemented:

  • a dark topic;
  • localization.

The development of the AIK web application for managing the heat pump system with the implementation of about 20% has started:

  • completed the development of a basic module for authorization and registration;
  • started to implement the communication module between the remote physical device and the website;
  • started implementing the device software version control module.

We conducted a release on Google Play, an application for viewing interactive business cards in augmented reality – GSCard. Now we have the opportunity to create informative, “live” business cards for any customer!

We started drafting the terms of reference for the draft app “My carrier” in Odessa. Absolutely correct actions of the carrier, in quarantine – without wasting time, create your own, convenient app for online interaction with your customers!

The site-building department completed the development of a new site for landscaping in Odesa and Mykolaiv – “Femka”. Adaptation for mobile devices, a system of applications and feedback, a portfolio of works with the rubric of services, basic SEO site settings. We consider ways of active promotion. After quarantine – immediately into active work!

Quazom completed the development of a new site for the "Femka" landscaping company.

In the marketing department – continued work with contextual advertising on mobile development for lead generation to the sales department. In March, we received 3% more leads with contacts, of which 48% were from a warm audience. The conversion of advertising into leads increased by 51%.
An updated internal tool for collecting, processing indicators of advertising channels, and calculating the KPI of marketers has been introduced.

We accelerated the process of interaction between the sales department and the planning department, thanks to the creation of a new internal tool – Designer for evaluating the development of mobile applications and building a backlog of functional modules. It has already described 65 app modules.
Now, in full swing, we are filling the base of estimates of incoming requests for various mobile applications.

In March, the sales departmentheld twice as many presentations to potential customers. An NDA agreement has been signed for a new multi-functional application development project. An agreement was signed on the creation of a TK mobile application. The participation of sales managers in regular training courses. In March, a complete audit and update of about 70 documents, instructions, and tests for sales managers were carried out.

Our IT company Quazom, like many others, in March switched to a remote mode of operation. We are available through all our communication channels with a normal work schedule.

We conduct meetings, discussions with teams, and clients via Skype or Zoom video communication services.
We invite you to communicate on new projects!

Now is the time to design or move your business online. The world is changing dramatically and business interactions are moving to a new level. Start the changes and we are ready to support you in this!