About Quazom

16 employees

Our company has a staff of employees of various positions, such as: project managers, technical writers, programmers, testers, Internet marketers.

Until February 24, 2022, our office was located in the historical center of the city Mykolaiv, with full technical equepments and staff. After the outbreak of the war, for the safety, our staff were transferred to remote work.

100 contracts

We have already gained experience in such areas as:
– creation of technical specifications and prototypes of projects,
– development of mobile applications and websites,
– marketing and web promotion,
– project support.

From past to future


  • The Quazom was created in February 2017. The initial goal of creating was to develop websites for entrepreneurs and companies;
  • In 2018, a direction appeared on the development of mobile applications on Android / iOS;
  • In 2019, the company is actively developing marketing directions in social networks and process automation.
Quazom IT Development Company


We are united by the idea to create integrated solutions in the field of computer technology, to implement and strengthen the marketing strategies of any valuable business in the world.

Quazom Mission


  • Become a company in which the areas of development will be highly developed: analysis and development of a marketing strategy, development of software for desktop computer systems, mobile devices, the Internet, and blockchain platforms.
  • Entrepreneurs and companies provide an opportunity to shift all the tasks related to marketing promotion onto our shoulders in order to direct all our attention to the realization of their values for society.
    To provide the young generation with conditions for the development of qualifications.
  • Employees provide conditions for creative development and confidence in the future of the company.
Quazom Strategy

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