How to create the perfect landing page

In order to learn how to create the perfect landing, let’s talk a little about the very concept of “landing” at the beginning. Landing is a page of a site that covers a specific service or product. The main task of the landing is to simplify the user’s path to committing a specific action. There is no universal formula for creating the perfect landing page. But it’s known that the ideal landing page is a selling landing page. Also, it is important to understand that the type of product/service and the target audience influence the type and content of the landing page. Further in the article we will analyze what to do so that visitors do not just visit your page, but that they take action as soon as they are there..

1. Spectacular title.

It all starts with a headline, it is he who is called to arouse interest, attention and understanding at the beginning. At first glance, it seems that this is an insignificant element, but it is he who determines whether the visitor will remain on your page and leave the order, or leave it. Therefore, the title should be catchy and concise at the same time, it should not be composed of complex turns, ideally – no more than 10 words. And remember that the headline attracts the attention of the visitor, and the subtitle is its continuation, it motivates him to stay on the page.

2. Using Images.

An integral part of any selling landing page is the visual filling of the landing page. Studies show that the human brain perceives images 60,000 times faster than text. It emerges from this that, first of all, the visitor will pay attention to the images. When choosing images, remember that they must be of high quality and relevant to your services or products.

3. Value.

One of the main tasks of the landing is to intelligibly inform the user about the product or service that you offer. If the user does not understand what your service or product is about, he will leave your page. Therefore, a concise and direct explanation is a necessity.

4. A bit of pain.

It’s not a secret that any visitor who appears on a landing is looking for a solution to his problem. All that is not enough for work, which interferes with solving certain tasks, all this is the “pain” of the client that your product or service is called to solve. When implementing this paragraph, mention what the customer may lose, not just gain. Also, consider mentioning the solution to the “pain” of your customers in the reviews. Never talk about problems without suggesting solutions.

5. And now about the pleasant.

Despite the fact that people are busy finding ways to solve their pains, they are also looking for ways to get pleasure. Demonstrate the benefits of owning your product or service. Show how the functionality of your product or service solves problems and causes a positive response.

6. The same button.

The most important point of an ideal landing page is the presence of a CTA button. STA-button – an element on the site page that the user should click according to the creators of the page. And even if one of the points above may be absent, an illiterate CTA will critically affect your landing page, even if all points are present.

7. Contacts.

Also, one of the main goals is the ability to contact you. You can specify physical addresses and phones, instant messengers, contact form. Having a contact also reduces the risk of customer failure, you are available to contact the customer, you can suggest or recommend further actions. It is important to remember that the presence of contact information is a prerequisite for getting into directories.

8. Guarantees.

Everyone loves guarantees, especially customers. Guarantees help people to feel more secure and confident on your landing page. Guarantees can be presented in different ways, because you will need to choose the type that best suits your business.

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