Privacy policy

QUAZOM data use policy.

When using, Site Visitors grant the Company the right to process their personal data, in accordance with applicable law.

By providing his personal data to the Company, the User consents to the processing of his personal data by QUAZOM on the terms set forth in this document. Consent to the processing of personal data is provided automatically at the moment of confirmation of the Privacy Policy by the User on the Site, and such consent is provided until the termination of the users legal relationship with the Company.

In particular, the User agrees to the processing of his personal data, including any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, restoration, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer) , depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including using information (automated) systems.

The User of the Site also agrees to other actions that QUAZOM can perform with his personal data in written (paper), electronic and other form, including but not limited to the following personal data:

- User`s name;

- E-mail address;

- contact number;

- other contact information at the request of the User.

The personal data of the Website Users are processed by QUAZOM in order to: provide timely and high-quality support and contact with the Users; checking the compliance of the User`s behavior with the requirements of this Agreement; to inform Users about changes in the provision of services, as well as about changes in services and organization of the Site, as well as for other purposes that do not contradict the current legislation.

The personal data of Users processed by the Company in accordance with this document are stored throughout the entire period of the Site`s activity or until the moment when the User wishes to sever relations with the Company.

Personal data, except for anonymized personal data, according to the access mode, is information with limited access.

The company does not disclose personal and other data of Users. By accepting the Agreement, the user agrees to the use of the data entered by him, subject to the conditions and restrictions established by this Agreement.

The use of personal data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes is carried out exclusively in anonymized form. The use of the User`s personal data in an impersonal form does not require his additional consent. The company ensures the safety of user data from loss, disclosure and unauthorized access by third parties using security technologies, introducing a limited access mode and controlling access to data by authorized employees.

By posting his personal data on the Site, the User confirms that he does it voluntarily, and also that he voluntarily provides this information to the Site Administration for processing. If the User does not agree with the above conditions, then he should not send his data and use the Site solely for viewing.

The User undertakes not to post personal data of other persons on the Site, as well as not to use the personal data of other Users for illegal or illegal purposes that do not correspond to the purposes of creating the Site.

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