Development of the Big Ben online school, our own business constructor, and the start of a new SoW.

Autumn hello to everyone!

We are ready to share the news of Quazom projects in September!

AIK Mobile App Development Team

Discussion and preparation for the evaluation of the graphics module on the website improvement.

Bank and discount card app

Project evaluation, divided into a web part and a mobile application. We started working on the creation of several design concepts for a mobile application.

Passenger carrier mobile app

The description of the SoW has been completed by 95%. We tested the already described project modules. Discussion with the client of the option of cooperation with the EBRD for obtaining a grant for the project.

The project of a new taxi in Odessa

We have completed 100% description in the statement of work of the functionality of the mobile application and the admin part. We tested the already described project modules.


We improved the work of the financial module, which made it possible to reduce the holding delays of the WFP payment system from 10 to 3 days. We held a retrospective with the team, which allowed us to optimize the daily processes of project support.

Own online store business constructor

Developed Favorites, Cart, Product Card, Product Database with photos, descriptions, and prices. Implementation of 80% of the design for the project.

Quazom is developing a prototype for its own online store business designer.

Statement of work for the application:

Completion of 100% development of the SoW for the Sugaris project, now we are testing it.

The description of the SoW for the Personal Services Exchange mobile application is 50% complete.

Started work on writing a large SoW for a new project related to cargo transportation.

Big Ben Website Development Team

The final development of the 1st stage of the Big Ben online school from Kazakhstan. Test rooms for the teacher and the student have been prepared, where interactive English lessons will be held.


We support the website of the Nikolaev manufacturer of mattresses and flax products “Ecotex”, updating the content of goods, news, and special offers.


We launched the creation of the contextual advertising on turnkey basis in Mariupol, for our old client – the real estate agency “Bonus”.

Quazom sets up advertising for real estate agency "Bonus"

Marketing team

Monitoring and setting up contextual advertising for mobile development and SoW services for our Sales Dpartment. In September, we received 43% more leads than last month. The warm audience received from the leads was 32%. Lead generation conversion also increased by 16%.

We resumed working with our Quazom pages on Facebook and Instagram, prepared targeted advertising for testing on our updated landing pages.

Received requests for 17 initial assessments of SoW for creation and mobile application development. With the help of our calculator for calculating the cost of projects with 140 modules we had an opportunity to prepare answers to our requests much more quickly.

Sales and communications team

For 68% of the “warm” lead generation audience we presented our services on Skype/Zoom.

Half of the potential clients received our evaluation and commercial proposals were sent.

Improved the qualifications of sales managers in training sessions.

We signed an agreement on the development of SoW for a new project of a mobile app for cargo transportation.

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