Three SoW for new apps, Big Ben school, and AIK in May news!

Good time of the day!)

Now we are going to share with you what was interesting about Quazom IT in May 2020. Let’s go!

In the Mobile Development Department – we continued the development of the AIK project for users of heat pumps.

We have fully completed:

  • the “Devices” module for different roles (Admin, Dealer, User); – the “Device Management” module; – the “Settings” module for managing various parameters of the selected device; – the “Access Control” module to control user access; – the “User Management” module for managing user accounts; – the “Events” module for tracking errors in the operation of the device in real-time; – the “Profile” module for managing accounting data; – the “Notifications” module; – the “Help” module; – the devices model range.

The “Statistics” module was implemented to 80% in order to display data on devices operation in numerical and graphical form from the perspective of various periods.

Moreover,we are preparing for the project release and testing in conjunction with real devices.

Quazom has developed a profile module for the AIK project of a heat pump manufacturer.

As for other department projects, we:

  • continued work to improve the GROOT (Cargo Taxi) project; – continued the description both of the mobile app functionality and the administrative part in the statement of work of the new taxi project in Odessa.

Started new projects:

  • The SoW creation for the mobile app for bank and discount cards; – The SoW creation for the mobile app for the automotive catalysts catalog; – The SoW creation for the mobile app for a passenger transport company in Kyiv.

The Website-Building Department continued the SoW creation for the “Big Ben” project – an interactive online school of English and mathematics from Kazakhstan.
We carried out technical support for the website of the “Экотекс”Company – the Mykolaiv mattresses and flax goods manufacturer.

In the Marketing Department, we continued to maintain contextual advertising on Quazom mobile development for the sales department. In May, we received 50% fewer leads with contacts, of which 46% were from a warm audience. The conversion of advertising into leads decreased by 39%.
Another 12 modules were added to the Constructor for evaluatingthe development of mobile applications and building a backlog of functional modules.
In the work of preparing evaluations for potential customers, we already use all 120 modules of the apps builder.
In May, we continued to evaluate incoming requests for a variety of mobile apps.

In May, The Sales Departmentheld our services presentations to potential customers via Skype/Zoom. Several commercial offers have been prepared for 80% of a warm customer audience. 2 contracts for the SoW creation were signed on projects for the mobile apps development for the transport enterprise and the recycling of metal company.
Our sales managers participated in regular training courses.

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