Preparing Big Ben for new students, Scooters improve project’ processes, Taxi 571 New Design

Quazom News for July 2021

Good time of the day!

We offer an overview of the June 2021 news on the projects’ development in the Quazom. But first things first!

The Mobile App Development Team

Bank and discount card app

  • carried out work to fix bags found on the project;
  • implemented the functionality of paid (premium) subscriptions for 1 month and 1 year for Google Play and the App Store.

Cargo taxi – 2

We are actively discussing with the clients as well as describing the functionality of the administrative panel.


  • the client’s business is well-tuned;
  • bugs found in the mobile app have been fixed;
  • the mobile application with improvements for the user has been released;
  • called the scooter manufacturer, received an exemplary firmware in which the problem with GPS friezes was fixed;
  • made final edits to the calculations.
The Quazom team has developed an application for renting scooters


Completed the development of the 1st iteration, expected feedback from the client on the content.


  • updated apps in stores;
  • supplemented the API with checks for invalid data;
  • optimized Google queries;
  • improved UI for password recovery;
  • fixed found bugs.

Website Development Team

Big Ben

  • switched to a project support agreement;
  • prepared and designed accounts/profiles as well as campaigns for marketing activities in Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram;
  • checked the functionality of the project with the customer;
  • fixed the identified errors and bugs;
  • downloading and checking training courses.
Screenshot from BigBen - online English language school. Quazom developed a module to manage irregular verbs.

Taxi 571

  • the customer has chosen the first Homepage;
  • the designer has prepared a version of the full Homepage.


Updated content on the website of the Mykolaiv factory of mattresses and flax products.

Marketing, Evaluation of the Requests

Contextual advertising for our mobile development and creation of the statements of works services for our sales department. Compared to May, the number of leads has doubled. At the same time, in June, the conversion of lead generation decreased by 9%.

  • SMM posting on our Quazom profiles, an average increase in the number of subscribers/followers by 4%;
  • targeted Facebook ads for lead generation, getting warm leads;
  • modification of our landing pages with new lead magnets;
  • launching advertising campaigns for ready-made types of apps for narrow audiences on the constructor landing pages;
  • prepared 14 primary estimates for requests for the creation of SoWs, development of mobile apps and websites using the calculator for calculating projects.

Sales and communications team

Presented our services via Skype/Zoom to 25% of the lead generation audience in June.

Estimates prepared and commercial offers sent to 11% of potential customers.

We will be happy to see you as our clients!