Neobrand completed the 1st iteration, the new functionality of Shugaris, Ecotex is being currently updating.

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To your attention is an overview of the news of the project’s development in August 2021 in Quazom. Let’s get started!

Mobile Application Development Team

Bank and discount cards app

  • carried out work to correct the deficiencies found on the project;
  • tested “in battle” the functionality of buying paid subscriptions in a mobile application. What is more, the client has already received the first, real paid subscribers;
Quazom is developing a mobile application for managing discount cards
Quazom is developing a mobile application for managing discount cards

Cargo taxi – 2

  • discussed with the client several functionalities that will be implemented in the future to improve the project.

We actively conduct the discussion with clients and describe the functionality of the administrative panel and mobile app


  • signed acts of acceptance of the transmission of the project;
  • the project was transferred to the stage of warranty service, several bugs were fixed;
  • started and completed the description of new functionality for the project;
  • an evaluation of the new functionality was carried out with the project developers;
  • agreed on the priorities for the implementation of the functionality with the client. Started implementing new functionality.


Fixed major bugs in the implementation of the first iteration.


We developed the design of the client’s Home screen, it will be possible to order just in 5 clicks.


Started implementation of the agreed functionality under the contract.

Projects are made by a team

Website Development Team

Big Ben

  • work under the project support contract;
  • launched and set up advertising campaigns in Yandex, Facebook, Instagram;
  • tested the functionality of the project with the customer;
  • fixed bugs.

Website for learning English in Mykolaiv

  • started and promptly implemented the functionality of the multilingual website;
  • made a presentation to the client;
  • transferred the project to the technical support stage.

Taxi 571

  • completed the new site design;
  • evaluated the work on branding cars;
  • preparing an evaluation of the new site development.


Updating the content on the website of the Mykolaiv factory of mattresses and linen products.

Marketing Team

  • expansion and customization of contextual advertising for the creating statements of works and mobile development services, for our sales department;
  • weekly publish posts on social media. Updating the design of posts and changing the SMM strategy. The growth of followers on Quazom profiles on Facebook amounted to +57.69%, on Instagram +2.91%, on Linkedin +9.09%;
  • with the same coverage as in the previous period, the flow of leads in targeted advertising decreased. But the quality of new leads has increased by 2 times and the total cost of promotion has decreased by 30%;
  • creating a new mobile development landing page and launching it to advertise, refining other landing pages with new lead magnets;
  • were preparing the preparation of the printed version of the new Quazom presentation and other marketing materials.

Sales & Communication Team

We presented our services via Skype/Zoom for 50% of the lead generation audience in August.

Evaluated and sent commercial offers to 20% of potential customers.

The hot summer has passed, meet the fruitful autumn)

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