AIK, Big Ben and the SoW for the new taxi in the news of April

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We offer a short digest of news in our Quazom Company for April 2020.

The mobile development department continued the AIK project implementation.

The developed software package is designed to increase the loyalty of existing and potential users of AIK heat pumps by providing a convenient interface for managing devices and users, monitoring device performance, and viewing summary statistics.

We implemented a software version control module, available for the administrator role to 100%.

We implemented a “Devices” module for different roles (Admin, Dealer, User) to 90%.

We implemented the “Device Management” module to 90%..

Also, we continued:

  • the implementation of a communication module between a remote physical device and a website;
  • we made adjustments to the page making based on new layouts from the client;
  • we made changes to the back-end of the “Settings” module, which were required based on changes in layouts;
  • we made changes to the project documentation and released a new version of the statement of work.

Work continued on improving the GROOT (Cargo Taxi) project.

We continued describing the functionality of the mobile app and the administrative part, in the Statement of Work, for the project of a new taxi in Odessa.

In the website-building department, we continue the website maintenance for the “Ecotex” Mykolaiv mattresses manufacturer.
We completed the current improvements to the financial module of the “Ukrainian Bride” dating website project.
We began creating the SoW for a new project for developing the “Big Ben” website of an online school of English and mathematics from Kazakhstan.

Логотип проекта BigBen - клиента Quazom

In the marketing department, we continued working with contextual advertising on mobile development for lead generation to the sales department. In April, they received 42% more leads with contacts, of which 66% were from an active audience. The conversion of advertising into leads increased by 22%.
For the Constructor for evaluating the development of mobile applications and building a backlog of functional modules, 108 application modules have already been described.
We continue filling the database of estimates of incoming requests for a variety of mobile apps.

In April, the sales department held 85% more presentations to potential customers. Twice as many commercial offers were prepared compared to the previous month. An agreement was signed for the SoW for the project on developing a training platform. Participation of sales managers in regular professional development training.

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