Website design: what aspects in the process of “drawing” the site adheres to the web designer

Did you know that the process of creating a website design is one of the most painstaking processes. Since site design is the face of your company, how good the design will be, your site will either attract visitors and make a positive first impression, or cause a desire to collapse the page. That is why design has always played and will play one of the leading roles. When a user visits the site, the first thing he sees is a picture – that is, a design. And it depends on whether the user likes what he sees, how much time he spends on our website and whether, for example, he makes a purchase.

It is the design that helps to arouse trust among users and dispose to the resource. We all like to look great, wear beautiful clothes, and drive a good car. That is why, in a harmonious person everything should be harmonious, including the site. Below we tried to describe the main points that play an important role in creating design for the site.

So, we will consider the main aspects of creating a successful site.

1. CA research (target audience).

CA research needs to be done at the UI/UX design stage. Therefore, ideally, it should be as soon as the designer has learned the subject of the future site, he can make a “portrait” of those people who will use it. Given that users can be of different sexes, ages, and with different interests, our future site should be intuitive and convenient for everyone.

2. Single style.

Remember that the site design must be holistic, which means that all blocks, buttons, and other design elements must be part of a single whole. You can not select one element more than another, everything should be combined and in moderation.

3. Brand color.

Color solutions also have a strong impact on visitors, well-chosen colors increase the attractiveness of the site in the eyes of visitors. Studies show that each color has its own meaning and is able to cause certain associations among users. It is interesting that there are groups of colors that often affect users equally:

White – lightness, kindness, innocence;
Black – mystery, power, confidence;
Red – strength, courage, danger;
Orange – energy, uniqueness, playfulness;
Violet – fantasy, ambition, nostalgia;
Green – youth, peace, hope;
Blue – harmony, fidelity, peace;
Yellow – optimism, energy, joy.
By the way, what are your signature colors talking about?

4. Fonts.

The next thing that users pay attention to, after a juicy picture, is the text. If the site does not have clear text, the visitor will simply collapse the page.

How to use fonts:

  • pick up ordinary fonts that are familiar to people;
  • use 1 or 2 fonts, no more;
  • down with the fine print (up to 12 pixels);
  • the text color should contrast with the background.


As you learned from this article, creating a design is always a very painstaking and responsible task. The paradox is that even if you apply all of the above information, you can not always hit the target. Because, all people are different, and the taste and color – felt-tip pens are different.

In our article, we touched on the main aspects of creating high-quality design for the site, but there are a number of others that deserve special attention. Do you need help creating a design for your website? We are the ones who will help you! Feel free to contact us, our experts will responsibly approach each stage and take into account all your wishes.