Development of technical task

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Project terms of reference and sketch prototype

For whom:


Online shopOnline shop


For what:

Understanding of the resultUnderstanding of the result

Developer controlDeveloper control

Budget savingBudget saving

What tech task will you receive:

Text Tech task

We will create a detailed terms of reference for the development of your future project..

Interactive sketch prototype

A schematic layout of a development product that displays its main functionality: buttons, text blocks, etc.

UI / UX design

Having studied the best user experience with modern products, we use it in your project.

From the terms of reference of the project to the working application

Schematic prototype

Created design

Developed application

Subjects of some niches of our tech task

Dry cleaning services with delivery

Cashback services

Bitcoin payment module

Cargo and passenger taxi

Lighting designer

Video chat dating service

Pizza and Sushi Delivery

Real estate agency

Furniture manufacture

Assignment of technical specifications

Purpose of tech task and its main sections

The technical task is created and necessary for the exact implementation of the IT solution, according to the business idea and allows you to make corrections in the design, which significantly reduces material development costs. The ToR of the project consists of such main sections as:

  • Content
  • Appointment
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Analysis of existing solutions
  • Business processes
  • General requirements¬†
  • Object model
  • Control Panel
  • Mobile app
  • Web
  • API
  • Sketch
Purpose of tech task and its main sections

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