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Website and application design

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Site creationSite creation

Application developmentApplication development

Polygraphy of the projectPolygraphy of the project

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«The designer understands that he achieved perfection not when he has nothing to add, but when there is nothing to remove»

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Web Design and Corporate Identity Services

Web site design

  • Filling Brief on website design;
  • Analysis of wishes and source materials;
  • Selection of examples of finished designs or sketches from the designer;
  • Creation of web design according to the approved color scheme or drawing an individual style.
Web site design

Design applications

  • Design Brief Filling;
  • Analysis of wishes and source materials (logo, site style, application prototype);
  • Create thumbnails of the first screens;
  • Rendering application design according to approved style.
Design applications

Logo and corporate identity

  • Filling Brief on logo and corporate identity;
  • Analysis of wishes and source materials;
  • Determination of the necessary attributes of corporate identity (logo, brand book, printing, external media, car branding);
  • Creating thumbnails of logo and attributes;
  • Drawing an approved logo;
  • Creating a brand book and corporate identity layouts.
Logo and corporate identity

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